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Our Mission

Our goal is to simply popularise vegan food. 

Most will agree that veganism comes with a bit of a stigma and we're here to prove that it doesn't have to be boring, it doesn't have to mean giving up beautiful, rich flavours and desirable tastes.

We want meat eaters, veggies, pescatarians and vegans to all eat our food. We have no agenda to try and convert people, you won't be bombarded with activism when you come in to our restaurant. We simply want to provide food that everybody enjoys. 

Our food is like street food. Inside a restaurant. It's filthy, it can be messy, its covered in sauces but for those who are health conscious & count calories, our kebab is < 400 calories and our Jumbo is < 600!

The Story So Far

Where it all Vegan. . .

Unable to find anything exciting on Deliveroo or UberEats to satisfy their tastebuds, James & Joe set out to supply Nottingham with delicious vegan food in February 2019.

They created a vegan kebab and gave 10 away free on a Friday night. This escalated weekly to 20, 30, 60, 100 orders every Friday...

We met Kevin, Naomi & Lachelle and ended up doing various pop-up events at The Kitchen on Pelham Street. Naomi & Lachelle became friends of ours, helping out with various events and festivals, including the Nottingham Christmas Market.

The Brand

Originally named the Dirty Vegan, we decided to rebrand. We had only been trading for a month and felt the Filthy Vegan was much more suitable!

We wanted to make something memorable which would grab your attention and talk about it with your friends.

Our goal really is to popularise vegan food and make people realise that vegan food doesn't have to be boring and tasteless.

The Filthy Vegan Was Born

The Food

We created the brand with both meat eaters & vegans in mind - Transitional vegan street food where you really wouldn't notice the difference.

There is a common misconception that vegan food can be 'earthy and boring' 

We wanted people to be surprised and  question whether it really was meat. Imitation meat is not something which appeals to everyone, but, we're never going to please everyone anyway so the goal is to do something we're confident with & passionate about.

We think you'll love it. Don't believe us? Come and try...

Who We Are

The Founders

The Filthy Vegan is owned and run by friends Joe Johnson & James Freeman.

The Location

Unit W6

Marcus Garvey Business Centre


Our Famous Filthy Kebab

Hot clay oven Naan, traditional salad, 100% soya, srirarcha and vegan mayo.