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The App

The only way to order food from us is to download the app! It's available here;

Android Users Download Here

Apple Users Download Here

You can earn points to get free items as well as other exclusive offers!
With new items on menu, you can be the first to hear with notifications coming through to your phone!

With the app we can deliver anywhere!

Postcodes NG1 - NG15 are covered through the app, everything else please contact us for a price!

Please note, all deliveries will say 'unavailable' until we open @ 5pm

Vegan Food

Our Mission

Our goal is to simply popularise vegan food.

Most will agree that veganism comes with a bit of a stigma and we're here to prove that it doesn't have to be boring, it doesn't have to mean giving up beautiful, rich flavours and desirable tastes.

We want meat eaters, veggies, pescatarians and vegans to all eat our food. We have no agenda to try and convert people, you won't be bombarded with activism when you come in to our restaurant. We simply want to provide food that everybody enjoys. 

Our food is like street food. Inside a restaurant. It's filthy, it can be messy, its covered in sauces but for those who are health conscious & count calories, our kebab is < 400 calories and our Jumbo is < 600!